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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Facing Questions That Have The Tendency to Paralyze You

This last couple of weeks I had an Idea that could solve some problems & would create a new ability in my life to spend more time with Christ. My idea was to take the opportunity placed in front of me from a gift God gave me through the trial, photography and my mom suggestion to me that when we go for a lone, for the house repairs that can't wait any longer, get enough to purchase me a proper camera for my photography, that would allow me to take clearer distance shots of wildlife/scenery & enough to have a sample produced of my photography in different mediums to show to people. My idea was, being this was God's Gift to me and wouldn't be here if he didn't give it to me, to sell the photography to help support my families needs & have 50% of the proceeds go to Northview Community Church ( 25% to the general ministry & 25 % go to the missions ministry). I feel that this will open up an opportunity for me to spend more time with God, something I miss greatly, I also think this will give me the opportunity to share God's story he gave me through my testimony.

The Questions I am faced with right now that paralyzing me are:

Am I going on another one of my tangents again, how do I know if this is inline with Gods plan & will for my life?
Is it right to use God's gift to me as my income or am I taking advantage of a gift he has given me?

I don't doubt that Christ is my Saviour. I don't doubt what he has done for me. I doubt how I perceive what God is telling. I don't trust my own judgement in these matters. I know this paralyzes me. 

Jesus please help me trust what is from you & remove my will from anything I try to do. In Jesus Precious Name Amen.


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