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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reading Your Own Words and Hearing God's Truth

I found myself rereading my post Imagine and was drawn to read it a couple of times. I read it in the beginning with a grieving heart of a life as I knew it lost.

Friday my work had a shutdown day for our department do to the weather, but I was given the option to make up one of the days I had missed earlier in the week when I was sick. I was waiting on a possible meeting with the Church on Friday and the weather was iffy as we were expecting freezing rain and an advisory was in place. I wasn't 100% better from the stomach bug I had and was still weak, so I decided to stay home from work even though I couldn't afford to.

I felt I needed to take this day as a wellness day and get some of the stack of stuff that was piling up and stressing me out because it only could be done during work hours. I also decided that I really needed to go back to see the counselor after the church phoned her with concern as I was fighting crashing one more time as I was overcome with the weight upon me. We talked about some of the things that were happening all at once and the things I didn't have the ability to do but couldn't be left, like my son's Autism that was regressing and his schooling and everything that needed sorted out that would require my full time attention but I couldn't give with working. 

We started to Pray when the counselor stopped abruptly as she sensed what I knew was happening at least part of it, that there was strong spiritual warfare happening right now over my dad, my brother, my aunt and I.
I knew this was happening with me and I explained to her about the black silhouettes that I had saw on the way to pick up my daughter from her camp reunion and how with out saying anything to my daughter she screamed as she saw them in a much stronger form on the way back. I mentioned it is kind of weird that I was seeing these as before 2009 I didn't believe in all this stuff. I told her that I have even seen them on the cement wall at work as I was coming out of an RV, as the black silhouettes went running along the wall and disappeared. For some reason that my mom might have come up with today I have been given eyes into the world of spiritual warfare.
 My mom said today that God was giving me insight to what is around me as I fight against it to give me the strength and perseverance through knowledge to be able to continue to fight against it. She might just have something there.

We continued praying, renouncing confessing and rejecting those things that were not of God and commanding the demons out of the lives of those around me and their families and friends as well as her and I. She prayed for the structure of our physical house and then found there was one room we could not enter in prayer and that was my mom's room. My mom had to be ready to reject the strongholds in her life we could not do it for her. We can only continue to pray for God to continue to soften her heart as I have been witnessing him doing. We prayed for God's shield of protection through the halls and rooms of our house. The counselor said that our house should become more peaceful and you know what it has.

We finished our session and I continued my day of healing and did something I don't normally do I took myself out to lunch and felt at such peace.

That night, I read the post Imagine one more time and I started hearing something else in the post as I read it.
I heard God say I have leveled the ground and removed all the things that stood in the way of me building the  foundation that I was preparing for your life, a strong foundation. He is now starting to build the frame work for the new foundation and he is carefully putting one peace of the frame in at a time with great care and that I need to be patient as he builds this foundation in my life.

I have to say it is easier to look at the things of this world when our Eyes are focusing on God's Truth's,in his light, then when we fall into the darkness. Remember even in the darkness don't let silence be your bondage to the dark, when you don't have the strength to climb out, cry out. God will send you some one to hear your cries if they are not kept in the quietness of shame and fear.

Father thank you for being everything you are above all things. Thank you for hearing our cries. Thank you for building a strong foundation in our lives, even when we are blind to your good works in our lives. In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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