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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where Do We Lay Our Feelings Of Security?

I was driving to Church this morning and was faced with the question "Where do we lay our feelings of Security?" I had to think about this one.

I feel the world teaches us that as long as we have a job to support our families, housing & food on the table this gives us a sense of security. I ask myself now "How secure is that ideal of security? "

How secure is a Job? We heard of the recession that consumed this world we live in, many worked for companies for years thinking their employment was secure & overnight found themselves unemployed as the companies couldn't survive the recession. You are driving along one day & without warning you are in a car accident, your injuries prevent you from doing the job you once did. Your loved one is diagnosed with an illness that requires you to be absent from work making you into an unreliable employee & you are let go, there are so many things in this life that can change in a moment. How secure is a job?

How secure is housing? People every where in this world are finding out how secure the roof over our heads is. People found out when the recession hit due to job loss & mortgages they were unable to pay the cost of their shelter. Around the world right now through earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding & fires people are finding themselves homeless to no control of their own. How secure is housing?

How secure is the food on the table? People that use to not worry about the cost of food & how they would be able to put it on the table are finding themselves in that very position with the rising cost of fuel & food costs they are finding the rising prices of food making it hard to put food on the table. Parts of this world are facing famines, flooding & climate change. How secure is the food on your table?

I find myself constantly falling to need theses securities for my families, but then I remember those eight months when I couldn't work as my family needed me at home as we went through the trial together. I had only 15 weeks coverage by Employment insurance, unable to collect any other benefits, leaving me with 17 weeks of no income.

God was showing me how to lean on faith rather then understanding. He was helping me to lean on his word "Mathew 6:25-34" I had never done this before but I had become broken & humble over that time leaving me with nothing but the trust I had found in Jesus Christ through that time. God kept his promise as miraculously our needs were met as long as I kept my focus on Jesus & did not stray.

I had found this a very new & uncomfortable thing in the beginning as trust was not something I had found was not betrayed in the past (About Me). God knows every thought I have he knows what I face, he refines me through trials.

I don't believe if I hadn't gone through the trials I have gone through so far I would have ever learned to trust again or have the faith I have in Jesus Christ. How would I have noticed his love for me if everything was going fine, I don't think I would have had reason to search for what was missing in the calm.

 All these years I was missing something in my life, a sense of security that I thought if only I could get  the things this world teaches us are security I would find peace & hope. I found out that this was not the security that would set me free, I found out that the love of a Father who would sacrifice his only Son for me & you was the missing something in my life. My Security is my Salvation, the security knowing that Jesus Christ paid the price for my sin & that one day there will be no more tears & no more pain. I find greater trust in no other security. I will still stray at times but God knows me & reminds me that iblong2the3in1, this is where my security lies.

Father thank you for the security you gave us in your son Jesus Christ & thank you for the promise in your word that one day there will be no more tears & no more pain. Thank you for never leaving me even when I stray. Thank you for being the Good Shepard that even searches out one sheep if it stray's from the flock. I know that you take away pain if it is your will but sometimes we need to go through pain so we can be refined. Father I know I can not do this on my own Lord please give me your strength to endure what path my life takes me on, no matter what the trial, help me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus even when I have nothing left of me. In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

John 14:26-27 , 1Peter 4:11-13

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