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Monday, May 9, 2011

Been a While!

Hello how are you all doing? I haven't had much of a chance to post anything lately because allot has been happening.

I found out on Sunday May 1st that a letter I wrote to our local newspaper, of a suggestion as a story they might be interested in running, was in the Sat April 30th paper as a letter to the editor with my name for all to see. I had mixed feelings as I had mentioned my child in the letter, but it needed to get out. I used this opportunity to email all the 308 Federal  MP's at least the ones I could get email addresses for & all our Provincial 85 of our Provincial MLA's with the letter I wrote to the Newspaper with the links to the study & the Laws I was referring too. I have been getting lots of positive feed back & some strange feedback.

I had also have taken on detailing at home to try to pay for some of the repairs on the house & my son's Grad. I am doing an older fifth wheel right now for someone I know who wants to put it up for sale once it is done. I am strange it is the kind I like to do the ones that pop with the before & after, but take allot of time. I can't wait till it is finished & the big reveal.

Thursday May 5th brought me to a new thing in my faith, something that felt very strange to me. I was working at detailing RV's at work when I heard God speak to me with a message for the Church. I questioned it as I have never had this happen to me before, but had heard of it. I found myself saying "if this is from you God give me scripture" immediately God gave me the parable of the sowing of the seed, like the teenager of my faith I am, I grabbed the opportunity to talk to the leader at Youth while I dropped off my son. She directed me to email the Elder of the church in charge of discernment. When I told her this was so weird(unfamiliar) to me, she told me it was biblical.

  Well this is all I have time for tonight I will have to try to come visit soon to finish catching you up, but for now may you be showered in God's favor as you go through your week.

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