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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shock, Confusion & Prayer (added link to Peter, explaining the story I referred to)

A few days ago I was told something that shocked me, I was told about a man of God that I guess I had put up on a higher pedestal than other Christians I know, as he teaches many about Christ. Over the years I have heard him speak of God being a sovereign God. I also know from the bible that all the days ordained for us were written in Gods book before they came to be & he knows the Plans he has for us. I was confused when I heard the news that this man of God was afraid of a drunk charging at him while he was speaking on God's word & was calling for protection from another man. I was confused because should we live in fear if God is sovereign, if  everything that happens has to pass through him before it touches our lives what should we fear. We need to give our lives as living sacrifices to God & as we accept him we need to except what he has ordained for our lives & trust him. I can not judge this man of God as I am a sinner too & don't know what I would do in his situation but I can only hope that God has brought me to a place of trust in him that I trust him with my life. I pray that I won't deny Christ as Peter did. I am left with prayer for this man of God & for myself as a sinner.

Father God thank you for being our sovereign God, thank you for having my days ordained & written in your book, before they ever came to be. Oh Father I Pray for a hedge of protection to be placed around all of your disciples & their families, please cover them with the blood of Jesus please give them the ability to trust you in all circumstances, help us to become a living sacrifice & forgive us/me for our/my sins. Help us to only put you on that pedestal in our lives & help us praise you even through the obstacles we face in this life, help remove all fear & anxiety as they are not from you Lord. Help us to trust you in all that we face in this world & don't let fear stop our hands to reach out to those who need to hear your gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, please father help us to not deny you in our walk. In Jesus Precious Name Amen.

Psalm 139

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