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Sunday, March 9, 2014


I hope you have had a good week!

Well we went to see the doctors on Monday to get the results of my son's EEG and the results of a CT scan he had over a month ago, to only find out the results of the CT scan were still not in, the Doctor said they were finding that the CT scans appeared to be back logged when it came to examining  them for the results.

I have to say my brain went to, I should call them and make sure they haven't lost them......once an advocate, always an advocate!

At the end of last week, I had spoke with my Worksafe BC rehab worker. I was asked to look into schooling for training in Microsoft Office & Simply Accounting and get back to him by around Monday. He also told me that I was looking at a maximum training of 12 wks. I started shaking my head, good thing he couldn't see through the phone. When we started this discussion on rehab. I was told I was looking at around 22 wks of training and they could train me up to a $20,000 dollar a year job.

I started to find out that their math wasn't adding up, as I started looking at job posts, trying to find the skills I would need to get a job, I started noticing the job posts and the #'s. I was finding that a $20,000 dollar a year job was only a $10.25 an hour job and I was being paid $14.00 an hour when I was let go from my job, do to my injury. I now was being told that I would be aloud 10 wks less training then I started out being offered. My back was now starting to be put up and I was feeling that wall of armor coming up and that fight or flight feeling coming up, but this is not what God has taught me, but what the abuse and rejection in my life had taught me. I was left with the question: "God how am I to handle this?". I was left with taking one step at a time and not running ahead to plot out the beginning, the middle and the end of this argument and in doing so in sighting anger and defensiveness that comes with that. I would just need to get all the facts about what was needed and then go from there.

 I found 3 local Colleges with in walking distance of home, one was mentioned to me by my rehab worker. I looked at their websites, but the information given was very vague. I put my information in to request contact from the schools. I first heard back from Academy of Learning and set up an appointment to meet them in their first available spot Thursday.

Monday came along and I continued my research for information. I found the day escape me between everything I needed to accomplish that day, including getting the stitches removed from my mouth, and found it to late to call my worker, so I would need to call him on Tuesday.

I called him on Tuesday morning and I received the voice mail, so I left a message letting him know that this week would be spent meeting with the three schools and that I would get back to him after I had all the information.

Tuesday morning I would go to the dentist to get the last part of my dental completed and then I would only be left with three weeks of waiting for the healing process, so the impressions could be done for my new teeth and my new smile filled with teeth. Praise God!!

 On my way to the dentist I stopped by the store to get my Mom a birthday card, as Wednesday she would be turning 70. I got the card and then proceeded to walk to the dentist. I thought I would be smart and take the path from the store up the hill to behind a hotel, because I thought it would be much quicker. I have to say it wasn't one of my brighter ideas, as we had just had a major snowfall and the path was covered in snow and was quite steep. I made it to about 3 ft from the top of the hill when I hit soft mushy ground under the snow and started to slide backwards so I fell forward to stop me from tumbling down. I caught myself with my mom's card in one hand and my wouldn't hold you up if you wanted right hand. My hands and finger nails were covered in mud and I looked down and so was my jeans. I managed to crawl the last bit up to the level and boy what a mess I was in, but it looked like my mom's card was spared. I would now go to the dentist covered in mud, fun, but done!

I had been praying for my Worksafe cheque to come in early, so I could hopefully do more than a card, as I spent my last little bit of money I had on the card. I got home from the dentist and Praise God it was in the post box. I quickly subtracted all of my committed bills that had to come off of my cheque and it left me with very little. I rushed to the bank to deposit the cheque and I made it with only 10 min to spare before they closed, I think it helped that I tried running most of the way from my place to the bank.

I had left my son at the mall, so he could pick up a card for his Nana. I thought he would have waited for me, but I guess the long, early days at culinary school were catching up to him, he was at home by the time I made it to the mall.

I spotted at the grocery store, at the mall, the flower plant mom had been eyeing up the week before and it was only $1. way less than it was before, so I found a nice one and entered the store to pay for it and then thought I would take a boo at the bakery and see if I could afford to get her anything, as I had under $20. total to spend on everything for her 70th birthday. I walked up to the bakery counter and low and behold there was one white birthday cake 50% off, because it was a day old. I was so thankful, because there was no way I could bake her one as my arm was backsliding and in massive pain. I bought the cake and the plant and headed down the mall and saw the Purdy's shop, mom loves their milk covered ginger, so I stopped. I asked the girl how much for 7 pcs of milk covered ginger, I said because it is my mom's 70th Birthday. She asked if I wanted it in a box or a bag and under the circumstances I had to ask what it would cost because I didn't have a lot to spend, do to my circumstances, she told me bag would be $2. less, so I said it would have to be the bag as that was all I had left. She put it in the little paper bag and then said just a minute i can put it in a clear sleeve,  so she did and put a small purple bow on it. She was such a blessing in her care and compassion she graciously extended me. I didn't have a lot for mom but was so thankful for God's provision of making what I had stretch.

I was walking home when the enemy thought he would have a little fun with my thoughts, as I was reminded of a conversation I had with a sister in Christ about celebrating milestone birthdays of her mom and mom-in-law and all the grand things they had done and would be doing, which included s trip. My mind started to compare the two and how feebly I was once again celebrating my mom's milestone birthday and started letting it resonate on how once again I had failed my mom. I have to say it was one of those moments the enemy loves, to play with. I called mom to let her know I was almost home and at the sound of her voice and what my mind I was thinking, the tears started to flow and I found myself apologizing to her for not being able to give her the birthday she deserved, she tried to reassure me it was ok, like mom's do.

I came in the house and quickly hid what I had bought in my room until she went to sleep.

We celebrated Mom's 70 th Birthday, as my Aunt came out and took Mom and I out for lunch at ABC Restaurant and then we spent a quiet evening with Birthday Cake.

I will leave this post here as I was unable to get back to it until today and will start a new post. 2014-03-09

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