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Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm Back

Sorry all for my absence!

First my computer died, then my son lent me his laptop and then it died, leaving me no way to update my Blog Post.

I am finding this walk has been of walking and trying to guess my way through all these new experiences, like visions, prophetic words and trying to listen to God. I stumble through it as God teaches me knowing full well that I will not always get it right.

I will always try and will learn to ask for forgiveness when I need to and forgive when I need to, even though sometimes its not easy to forgive myself.

I had mentioned in my last post a vision I had and verbalized me trying to find reasons and answers to it. I fell and was taught a great lesson that it is not always for me to figure out and in trying to figure it out and get to the answers, I am taking back control of my life and taking my eyes away from my Saviour.

I went for further testing and was cleared of any issues with my bladder. I went and confront my Dr. in what he meant about a mass in my ovaries and he didn't remember saying that, but that was a hectic day in his office as they were way behind in appointments and a bit frazzled. He said it was a small cyst that they would keep an eye on, along with the hernia. I have still have been having episodes of bleeding and now have abdominal pains in the area of my colon and we think now that could be where the bleeding is coming from. I am now booked in for a Colonoscopy in May. Prayers for this please.

I ended up fighting the Flu that had me off work with a Doctors note for several weeks and just before returning to work I broke my last bottom tooth that had any contact with my three teeth left on the top of my mouth, so in fear of losing my job I returned to work and did not make a dentist appointment because I didn't want to take anymore time off work.

I was back at work just over a week, when I was asked to come into the Human Resources office at the end of the day. I completed what I was doing and before moving onto the next, being there was only 15 min. left in the day I ask if he would like to meet now, he said yes. I sat down and he proceeded to tell me that being I could no longer detail RV's and they had no other suitable openings for me, they would have to let me go. I in all rights should have broken down/ been upset, but I wasn't I was so filled with God's peace as I was reminded that in the beginning of all this He said he was moving me. I said to the HR person that all this was in God's hands and I guess it was time for me to move on to the next part of this journey or I said something like that as I can't quite remember the specifics but it was related to God being sovereign over it all.

I walked out of his office and prepared for my departure. I took every one back the work they had given me to help them and give me work and told them that I would not be able to help them.
I also did this with a dear lady who had become a dear friend and her and her husband would give me a ride. She was telling me of all the stuff she had for me to keep me busy and I had to tell her I was let go and this was when I found I would start the tears bubbling inside as I do not like good-byes and many of these people I worked with I did not just regard as co-workers but as family, as I had spent my last 8yrs. with. I made sure that everything that needed to be communicated was so that when I left everything was put to a completed close, with no one going Eh!

I asked the HR person if I could get a letter of reference from them and he wrote me one that I would pick up the next day. I would read the letter of reference to have tears flow as it was a glowing reference that spoke to my loyalty and work ethic and that mentioned that they would not have any doubt that it would carry onto my next employer.

I was faced after everything settled down that I would be needing to find a job with only two and half back teeth on the top and only half my bottom teeth and one that was broken and in massive pain, everything felt impossible, but yet I had this inner peace, the peace of God that defies understanding.

I would get a call from our family Doctor, requesting my son to come for an appointment, as he had been sent for tests because he had blacked out while walking our dogs, to awake with his face in the mud and grass and a come too thinking he was in bed. We were told previously that his beats per minute(bpm) for his heart were high as the normal was 90 bpm as average and his was 120 bpm as an average spiking to 145 bpm. We would now go in for the results of his EEG.

We went to the appointment and the doctor said his EEG was abnormal, non focal, with epileptic possibilities. He said there was slowing in brain activity as he showed his hand fingers stretched from side to side across the front. My son would need to go for a sleep deprived EEG. I reached out t the body of Christ for prayer for my son. With in a week he would have the EEG.

I would go to my Pastorate from Church, for our by weekly meeting where we would break bread together, spend time in fellowship and study God's word. I would be approached by one of my sister in Christ and she asked if I still had any dental and I would have to say no. She said no worries. She said her brother-in-law makes dentures and would like to donate his services to get me dentures, Praise God!!! I have been without teeth since 2010, what a blessing this was, but there would be one more mountain to climb before he could do this for me, I would need 5 teeth removed, two which were in pieces and get my mouth cast for the dentures and I had no dental and no money, another what seemed to be impossible from just looking at it.

I would contact Work Safe BC to find out what the next step was and to find out if they would cover my medical and dentil benefits, being I had a broken tooth and my son's medication that  was not covered under fair pharmacare. I would be told that it looked like the only two fields I would be able to do would be customer service or office work. I was told to spend the next week looking into those jobs and the skills I would need trained in. I would also be told that they would not be able to cover my extended medical benefits that I had from my employer or the dental benefits.

During all this I had still managed not to miss not even one Systematic Theology Course. What a blessing that has been.

Well a sister in Christ who I attend theology with and a past Pastorate, who was driving me to work after theology, texted me and asked if my family and I would be interested in coming for dinner, although it was short notice? I asked my mom and I accepted. My son came home from Culinary School in a full Autistic melt down...He said he would like to stay home and would be ok on his own. I think that wasn't a bad idea as it would then be a sensory free zone allowing him to relax, so we went.

We had a lovely evening of conversation, dinning and playing a game. I have to say that was our very first dinner invite that wasn't family in over 10yrs. and it was so great to be there!! When we were about to leave and she walked my mom and I to the door, she said she had been talking to one of the Pastors of care at the Church inquiring if my teeth would fall under the care ministry( I had not spoke to her about the donation of the dentures or that anything that had been happening in regards to my teeth) and she was told to get me to contact them.

I contacted them and was told they would need an invoice from my dentist so they could make a decision in regards to paying for my dental work. I made an appointment to see the dentist and get the invoice the Church would need. I explained to the dentist about the dentures and the donation and that I was there to get the invoice for the Church and he turned around and said he would do what he could to absorb some of the cost, Praise God!!

I would leave my appointment with an invoice for over $900. for the work needing done just to my mouth and teeth to prepare it from casting, with a big question still left on the casting, as it is not something my dentist normally does. My mom took me to the Church to drop it off, as she was now cleared for driving again. I would receive a call from the Church an hour and a half before I was scheduled to have my broken tooth, that had to come out now because it was poisoning my system. I was told that they would cover it all, Praise God!!

The tears started flowing from my eyes, as I was being overwhelmed by the mercy & grace being poured out on my life, as God made the impossible possible, as he orchestrated every little detail to make this possible. I could never repay him or the body of Christ for their acts of kindness. My toothless smile that had it's days of blessings in Guatemala where it aloud me to connect on a personal level with many people down there, would now be replaced with a blessing of a new smile full of teeth. :) 
I have had all 5 teeth out now and found out it was a good thing I wasn't working because there was no way I could, do to the extent of what had to be done, more of God's perfect timing. I will now wait till Monday, a week, to get the stiches out of my mouth and then 4 weeks for my gums to heal so they can cast for the dentures.

I had been hoping all week, actually since they announced the TobyMac Hits Deep Tour was coming to town that I would be able to go, but now that I wasn't working I could not afford tickets, not that I really could before. Another sister in Christ that I had taken to Third Days concert when I was blessed with two tickets was going to buy us tickets but the cheapest tickets were about $75. each way out of either of our budgets, so we made a packed that we would both enter the contests and if either of us won we would take the other. Well the first draw neither of us won and now the concert was sold out. Then Praise 106.5 had a phone in and win tickets the week leading up to the concert on the Jim & Lynette morning show.

My dear sister in Christ lost her Grandma on Monday and I had my sons sleep deprived EEG and three teeth to be pulled that took 2 hrs. do to complications. I don't think either of us had the conert and winning tickets on our minds and all week I found it a struggle to get to listen to the morning show as I was pumped with pain pills and was sleeping till almost the end of the shows after the call in time.

Friday the day of the concert I woke up with my son at 4 am, as he had culinary school and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I laid in bed with my iPod I got for Christmas that had a radio in it and was the only thing in the condo that I could get the radio station on. I waited patiently and listened and 7:45 am  the time had come to call in so I called and called and called and kept getting a busy signal and then it started ringing, a voice answered and said I was the seventh caller and then said try again..... I called and called and called and kept getting busy signals and then over the radio I heard the words you are the 21 st caller and the winner of the tickets, it was not meant to be I thought. I had been FB while I was waiting and another sister in Christ messaged me and told me she would by both of us tickets and I had to sadly tell her that it was sold out.

I had been checking in on FB through out the day and all of a sudden it was announced that they were releasing some limited visibility seats for $15. each, I had a little in my PayPal account and tried going to Ticketmaster to try to get us tickets. I got through everything I had to and was about to check out and they only excepted credit cards, I don't have credit cards...ug... I tagged both the sister that wanted to go and the one who wanted to buy the tickets in the link I shared announcing the release and had the link to purchase. The sister I was going to go with got the tickets and they were, with taxes and fees $22.75 each and she got us tickets the afternoon of the concert!!  Praise God for making another impossible situation possible!! I would find  out that we weren't the only ones who were now going, some couples from our pastorate were going.

We went to the concert and have an amazing night and at the end of the concert we would talk with Matt Maher and my sister would get her picture taken with him, I forgot to get a picture with him as I got lost in taking the picture. We would end up going in line to meet Brandon Heath and I was able to share with him that his song Give Me Your Eyes was my prayer since first hearing it after I became a Christian and for a matter of fact it was still my prayer. He was so nice to speak with and is truly a humble spirit and a man of God.

Well now to wait to see the Doctor on Monday afternoon and hopefully he has the results of my sons EEG and God continues to fill me with his Holy Spirit and His Peace beyond understanding.

Father Thank you for your presence in my life when things are going good and when things I think are impossible. You are my strength in my weakness, you are the light in the darkness, you are my peace in the storm. Father thank you for catching me when I fall. In Jesus Name Amen

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