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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hi everyone , I'm dropping you a quick post. I haven't been on here for a bit for two reasons one I have injured my right arm and cannot use it to type and second my computer has died and my phone is my only access to the Internet . God is still walking with me and brought me to a place at my job where I was able to pray for many people and their families over a great geographical area, as I sorted ballots, this would not have been possible if I had not injured my arm. I prayed for these people for their mind, body and spirit, for God to remove the scales from their eyes, to soften their hearts and massage them back to life and two cut away with the sword of the Spirit anything that was not of Him and return it to the pit of hell where it belonged, I also prayed for their Salvation and for God to grow deep roots in relationship with Him and for them to bare much fruit and in all things let His will be done. This is how the Holy Spirit lead me to do.

I ask you now to pray for these people and for God's will in their lives and for God's will in my life as I continue to ask him to break me, consume me and transform me and take charge of every part of my being I have witnessed much fruit of that prayer and wait in anticipation to see what else my Father has planned for my life!!

Well for now I say Good Bye for now, until I am able to post again!
May God guide and protect you and your loved ones as we all journey towards home!

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