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Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Dear Father,

Thank you for allowing me to be born in Canada and for growing up here as today in Canada we celebrate what it means to be Canadian. I think of the freedoms I have here to worship you without fear of persecution, where many are put to death for just being a Christian.

Father I am so thankful for your mercy, grace and love you have shown me and the reminder that I do not walk this alone. You fill me with such hope of what is to come. Revelations 21:3-4

Father it has been awhile since I injured my arm and I still struggle with it as I think and believe it is getting better and then I find myself feeling like I am back at the beginning and there is no hope of it getting better. I get frustrated as I have no fine motor skills with it or the ability to push or pull anything and I realize that these are tasks greatly needed in everyday life and I struggle with pride as I have to ask for help for things that should be so simple. I find in the frustration I start opening up the door to the enemies lies and sometimes fall as I start to believe them but you are always there to pick me back up. You are always there to remind me that I am precious in your site and wonderfully made, as you created me and chose me! Isaiah 43

Father I know even through the valleys I am to fear no evil, as you are with me and  your rod and your staff will comfort me. Psalm 23

I know that even in what I face you have a plan and a purpose for. Jeremiah 29:11

You have taught me so much already through the many trials and I know you will continue to refine me through them that my faith will be more precious than gold. 1 Peter 1:6-7

You continue to teach me your truths and that your word is truly the living word as scripture from the bible continues to come alive in my life today.

Father I lift up the people of this world to you in mind, body and soul, may you flood them with your truth. Father remove the scales from their eyes and the hardness that has formed a barrier around their hearts, so they can no longer be blind to your truth and your Holy Spirit can flood their hearts. Father create an unquenchable thirst for your word, your truth and a deeper relationship with you! Father many are searching for something that is missing, help them to see that is you they are searching for and it is only you that can fill the hunger they have for more.

Father I ask you to touch Brayan , his, family and his community in a special way this summer, a way that brings you the honour and the glory!

Father I ask you to guide my daughters heart as she allows her heart to be vulnerable for the sake of  love, guard her, protect her and grow her in your way. Oh and please let him seek you first father, to find the love of my daughter.

Father I ask you to remove any strongholds in my son's life and set him free to walk the way you want him to walk. Father bind up the ADHD and Autism that take him away from his focus and drive to push on and persevere. Father I know you have great plans for him as you have brought him so far!

Father I lift my Mom into your arms Father, let your will be done in her life, bind and arrest anything coming against her that stands in the way.

Father I lift my dear friends Linda & Jim, Betty & Brian and all those who leave with them this week on a Missions Trip to an orphanage in Mexico. Father Guide them, protect them and cover them with the blood of Jesus, fill them with your peace and strength as they serve you. Father Give them the wisdom they need, the words to speak.

I continue to come to you and ask you to consume me, break me and transform me. I ask that you cut away with the sword of the spirit what is holding my family and I in Poverty and return it back to the pit of hell to never return!!! I also have a bit of a selfish request Father for a Nikon DSLR Camera, so I can continue to take photographs.

Thank you Father for all that you have done and are continuing to do in my life!
In Jesus Precious Name, Through the Holy Spirit Amen!

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