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Sunday, July 15, 2012

When One Doors Close...

We went on Tuesday to take a second look at the place that was so perfect, I was still a little hesitant as if we got this place I was concerned that I still wouldn't be in a place I could have people over, hold a bible study or pastorate something I have always wanted since we moved in together as I have never been able too with out shoving my mom aside.

I am a very social person and have always  needed to be around people, even though I can find myself sociably awkward I am happiest in large group settings. My place before we moved in together was always full of people. When my Mom and us moved in together it became very apparent my Mom prefers her own company and guests stress her out allot as she needs to have everything perfect.  We eventually stopped inviting people over as it became to stressful.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Realtor took us to the amenities room right next door. She opened the door and it was this very large beautiful room with a full kitchen and just past that was a fireplace flanked with two leather couches and there was a very large area you could set up tables, with a very large deck, perfect for everything I thought I would not be able to do.

I felt God was ticking of every need and want we had, this was too perfect. We went back to the office to write an offer on the place and sign the listing papers for our house so that upon an excepted offer we would list. We were told if she heard something before 10 pm she would call us.

Not long after, we received a call. Our Realtor informed us before she could present our offer, someone from Vancouver had put in an offer that we could not compete with....sad face..My mom was heart broken as she so thought it was the one and she felt so at home there.

We would soon find out that this was only the beginning of our Journey and we would soon know why. Before our second look at the condo we lost we had gone to the floor before to view a condo that was the same floor plan but in reverse. My Mom could not get past the odor from the 4 cats living in the condo and being a dog person and a germ a phoebe she could not get past the food and water dishes set out for the cats on the kitchen counter, as well as the multiple litter boxes. I had stopped looking at the condo because it was apparent by my Mom's facial expressions there was no way, even though this condo was priced $25,000. less than the one we were about to lose.

I went to work the next day thinking how I could convince my Mom to go for it if we could get it at a low enough price we could replace all the carpets and I am a detailer with all the commercial cleaners, I would have no problem cleaning the place. My Mom came up with one excuse after another, until I told her that all the other places out there were much older and nothing she would even consider, why not get this one as an investment and use to be able to step up the ladder to the type of place she would be happy with. We went for a second viewing so that we could see what we would really have to do. When we got there the lady was still there and she was explaining that she was just wanting to move into a smaller condo that was for sale just down the hall, as her Mom had passed away and she just needed a place just for her and her cats now. She eventually left and when we were looking around we noticed in one of the bedrooms was the memorial card for her Mom and her Mom was a Bennett too. So now our Realtor is related to the Bennett's and now the condo owner, what's up with that?

We went back to the office and wrote the offer, her Realtor would not present our offer to her till morning and had asked if we could go higher as she couldn't afford to take it for the offer we had presented...we had to think about it as my mom is allergic to cats and there was no way we could do anything but rip out all the carpets and we were not much better off than her.

I started playing on the computer when we got home looking for pictures so I could see it again, when I stumbled across the unit I had found before and had assumed it was the cat ladies, but when I found the pictures I soon realized I was wrong it was a different place all together. I emailed our Realtor with a I'm confused email.

The next day while I was at work the Realtor picked up Mom to look at it and it was the exact floor plan as the one my Mom had fallen in love with but right under the one we had lost, so she pulled the offer and the cat ladies place and after work we wrote an offer on this place that was move in ready, immaculate. They countered our offer and it was just under the price of the cat ladies place when they excepted the offer.

We understand why God said no at the first place now, as this place is the same and just perfect but for double digits less than the one we wanted in the first place when that God said no.

We have now put or place up for sale and are praying for it to sell fast so that we can move into it before my son is done with volunteering at summer camp, so it will have the least impact on him with his Autism.

We have been working hard on getting everything we need to get done to make our place look its best, like painting brown doors white.

I have to say though rushing around doesn't come without its consequences. After dinner tonight, My Mom asked me to take our large convection toaster oven off our deck to the downstairs. I would need to cut through the kitchen for the direct route to down stairs. I lifted up the toaster oven and started coming through the kitchen when I was abruptly stopped by the door that had been left open on the dishwasher. I ended up falling over the door with oven still in hand, trying not to break the dishwasher door ( can't afford to replace it) I knocked the bottom drawer that had also been left open I landed still holding the oven, I was in so much pain as I had twisted my body and had some how by the looks of it pulled a tendon in my left arm and bruised the inside part of my elbow pretty good. My mom and son were freaking and not till I got up and mom started showing me that I was less than an inch from being stabbed by the sharp knives in the dishwasher. My Mom had thought I possibly had been, until she made sure.

I was suppose to drive my son back up to camp tonight but he was so upset because he had left the dishwasher open that he started melting down from the stress and was becoming physically ill. I started driving him but he asked me to take him home. He texted camp and let them know he wouldn't be there till tomorrow. I am so hoping I am going to be able to drive him tomorrow night as my body starts to object to my acrobatics earlier.

Well it is time for me to call it a night and say my prayers.

Father thank you for giving us "no's" sometimes as you know what is a far better "yes". Thank you for teaching me to listen to you and have the peace to follow you, even when nothing makes sense. Father I ask a favor of you, could you please find a buyer for our house fast so that the stress of all this doesn't become to much for my mom and son. Father I also ask for your healing hand on my body so that my stumble doesn't effect my ability to do my job this week and on. I know you can step between the pain if quick healing is not in your plans and I ask for you to walk me through this as you always do. Father I lift those who are reading this post or any other post I have written, allow what you want them to hear take root and anything that is not of you fall to the waist side and discarded. Father many are facing challenges in their lives please help them to not walk it alone and realize if they invite you into what they are going through you will be there as you love them more than they could ever imagine. In all things let your will be done. In Jesus Precious Name through the Spirit Amen.

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