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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! and My New Years Resolution..

Happy New Year, may 2012 be filled with blessings for you all!!

 My New Years Resolution is to walk in trust of the plans my savior has for me, learn to forgive myself more, and learn to be true to myself without being shaped by what the world would rather I be. I know that I'm an outcast in this world and you know 2011 has taught me that this is Ok, because I am not an Outcast where it matters, with Jesus Christ!

Outcast by Kerrie Roberts

Father thank you for all the lessons taught & learned in 2011 and for showering me with your grace when I did not deserve it. I ask that as we all journey into 2012 that you guide and protect us and Father I know only through you can I fulfill any of my resolutions help me Father . In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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