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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fast Forward to Now

 I left you just before the Testimony of 2009 with me planning for the inevitable , I had worked out a budget with a template online and was faced with the impossible reality that there was no way it could be done. I prayed to my Heavenly Father
"Father you are the great provider, you tell us why do you worry if I can take care of the birds, why not you?

Father I lay this in your hands. In Jesus Christ Name Amen."

I have to tell you now that God is the great restorer!! I can't believe how much has changed since that post just over a month ago. God has healed my mind from the trauma we went through. he has transformed me from the inside out. I have witnessed so many answered prayers to things I thought were impossible. 

I had been let go of my job because of my attendance do to the trauma, I guess you could say I was fired because of it. I had come to the end of my rope thinking that I had lost a job that was more like a family to me and how on earth would I ever get it back because in all rights it was gone for good, once someone fires you they don't generally hire you back. I have to say with God all things are possible as my job I lost gave me a second chance, as they rehired me last Thursday Permanent Full-time, with my benefits starting right away. What an answer to so many prayers, what a miracle, as we would no longer be at risk for loosing our house. I was going to be facing  this Friday coming up with a bill for $2,500. for my daughter sleep apnea machine, prayer was answered as because my medical was reinstated and I found out as long as my children live at home they are covered by my medical till they are 21, so my daughters machine will be covered under my medical. I received special Authority for a year for my son's medication for his Autism/ADHD, but found out that this only came into effect after I reached the deductible amount for the year and because it was not retroactive and only started in October it would not be covered for this calendar year or the beginning of the next as the deductible amount started over again in January and it would be  while before it was met for next year, another words it looks really good on paper but not in reality, but because my medical is reinstated his prescriptions are now covered again. Praising God so much for all that he is doing in my life!!! I may not always understand somethings but he is taking care of me no matter what!!

God has restored life back to the way it was before the trauma, with the new and improved version.

  "And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast." 1Peter 5:10

God does all that he promises to do!

He has written scriptures on my heart through this journey. You may ask how has he done this, I say it is a miracle! I am not a devout bible reader, no matter how much I try. I am finding though through the Holy Spirit God is bringing me to certain scriptures at certain times, in perfect timing.

The scriptures he has brought me to in the order he brought me to them:

God brought me to in the beginning to let me know I was about to experience something but I would not be walking it alone.

He brought me to this one when we were in the midst of it and I was loosing hope, to let me know that he was working with in me and refining my faith

God brought me to this one when the healing started to take place to show me that there was a purpose.

He is showing me that he is keeping his promise as he restores me, as he makes me strong, firm and steadfast in my faith, removing the fear and anxiety that was standing in the way of his purpose for my life.

Thank you Father for being true to your word, thank you for who you have made me to day a free child of God. Father I lift the people of this world up to you. I pray for their salvation Lord may they be set free to be who you purposed them to be, if they don't know you Father soften the walls to their hearts so they may see you the way you have aloud me to see you. In Jesus Precious name Amen.

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