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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wow Time Flies, Been to Long

          School kept me very busy, as I took the accelerated, accelerated program. I am happy to say that I have completed my Business Administration Diploma, Graduating on August 22, 2014, also the date of my baby girls 22nd birthday.

          I can't hardly believe all that has happened over this last several months. I went into school determined to let go of everything and trust that God was sovereign over all things and no matter what the outcome was I could not ruin the plans He has for my life. I spent my school days doing what was asked of me but not letting it consume me or let fear and anxiety control me, by the grace and mercy of God.

         One class came after another and to my surprise they were coming easy, so easy that I thought I must be missing something. I had great peace while doing my assignments, as it came quickly. I was starting to feel like I had found my niche in life, as I started to enjoy the accounting courses. I started gaining great confidence through my education, as I came to realize I was not that dumb bunny I grew up to believe.

         I wait now for my transcripts from school, with my grades their is a real possibly that I graduated with honours, what a gift of Gods mercy as He moves me.

         I attended the Summit in Vancouver, to discuss the White Paper Document that I had taken part in, on June 16, 2014 . I was blessed to here from so many who share the same passion for the disability and special needs community. My ride on transit to get there ran ahead of schedule so I arrived early and while waiting I found a seat and was joined by a wonderful lady who works for the Rick Hansen Foundation. I was able to share my dream with her and several others. I so could
feel God's presence with me that day.

        I reflect back to the person who started writing this blog in the beginning and I hardly recognize her. She was a very angry hurt girl full of bitterness towards the world for all the broken pieces and valleys she went through as a child and as an adult. I speak of her in away of a person I once knew, because she is not the person I am today. My lens I see the world through now is completely different. I know that we all walk a journey unique to ourselves and have a reason we act the way we do and say the things we do. We are all in need of God's mercy and grace. I now know what it feels like to be the recipient of God's grace and have been moved by his mercy and through that have learned it is my responsibility to share that mercy and grace with all of those who cross my path. God is the one to transform my life and it is Him who will transform the lives of those who are around me. God has given me the job to forgive, love and share the comfort He has given me with those who He brings across my path.

      I now wait to see where God takes me now as I have started the journey of looking for a job to support the ones I love, while serving Him who created me.

      I do come to you with a prayer request as my mom battles low blood counts and is in the process of receiving iron transfusions, as they are concerned that it will start effecting her bone marrow. My son also ask for prayer for my son and daughter as they fight some of life's challenges. Please also pray for God's will in my job search. Thank you all for your prayers!

    Father I lift these above prayers to you and also ask that you hear the cries of the hearts of those who read this and meet them where they are. You know them by name, you know all and nothing surprises or shocks you. We can come to you with open arms, remind us of this.  Fill us with your peace beyond understanding and with your Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Thank you for being sovereign over all things and for the gift of salvation through your son Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ's Name Amen.

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