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Saturday, February 9, 2013

2 Weeks Tomorrow

Well it will be two weeks tomorrow that we board the plain to Houston, then to Guatemala, the tickets are booked and God has provided for every detail and need. I am so excited to see what God has in store for all of us in Guatemala. I know he is going to move big, I just do!

 I have had so much happening since my last post. I have been praying since the new year arrived for God to fill me with the Holy Spirit and take charge of my thoughts, my spoken words and my actions. I have so seen the fruit of that pray, as I have seen the Holy Spirit work in me and through me since I started praying this. I have to say though the days I have forgotten to start my day with that prayer have been some of the hardest days.

I find as time goes by that I am starting to become somewhat addicted to praying that prayer as I feel this greater inner Joy & Peace on those days of prayer.

A few Sundays ago I had prayed this prayer before Church, I have to say I should have been prepared by the response to that prayer as we were singing worship songs and all of a sudden I verbally heard "On your knees." I thought for a moment as I looked side to side "not" , as I sit with my son in the front row of the Church and no one I have ever seen kneeling in worship on Sunday service. I then heard the words that came with a great peace "Trust me" I knew I had to obey and down I went as I was brought to a place of worship I had never been before and I have to say I loved it!! When we were done worshiping my son was kind enough to inform me that he didn't think anyone was looking, that was nice of him..lol..I think he might of been a bit embarrassed of his old mom.

I have also noticed doors opening to evangelize in ways I can say I am not use to and instead of me running and hiding from it, I found the Holy Spirit putting the words in my mouth that were just perfect, to connect to the person I was brought to.

Many times in the past I would be confronted with questions of my faith and I would high tail it and run the other direction with my tail between my legs and now God has removed the pride and fear from defending my faith as through the Holy Spirit he gives me the strength to defend my faith. I have to say I want to witness more that God has in store for my life and will continue to pray for him to consume every nook and cranny of my life.

I forgot to pray this morning, as the morning had become chaotic. I had woken up in plenty of time to go to our last Guatemala trip and then our Spanish Class, but time slipped away from me and I found myself running out the door, not able to find my book I had been using for the Spanish lessons, with 2 pieces of toast and my English Toffee Coffee in my travel mug in hand. I had 10 min, to walk to my friends house to carpool to the meeting and Spanish class. We arrived a little bit late for the meeting, we discussed all the final preparations for our travel there, watched the second part of a dvd and prayed.

We then were off to Spanish class with a beautiful lady who just glows with the light of God's love. Her(Betty) and her husband (Brian) run Children of Hope, they are both heading down to Mexico for a month starting this Wednesday, please keep them in your prayers.

When we were done at Spanish class I went with my friend, that carpooled us to the days events, to second hand stores as she was looking for capri pants for the trip and three Spanish to English dictionaries. She eventually brought me home after coffee and running around and I invited her in to see our new place.

She left and my mom's body language became very cold, I had suspected that this was going to happen. I knew if I didn't come home right after Spanish class that I would most likely be paying a price for it, but I did it anyways. I am an adult, I should be free to do so, as my kids are all adults now. I asked her if she was mad at me as her body language was speaking volumes. I was right she was mad and I was informed that I had no consideration for her and my son at home when I did that. I ended up after a back and forth hurt fest and my mom doing what she always does went to her room, I told her she didn't need to bother I was going out for a walk.

 My heart was feeling broken and I was feeling lost as I had no idea if she was in the wrong or if I was as that is a very blurred line for me when it comes to my Mom. I ended up walking the streets of Abbotsford tonight, as I asked for prayer.

My mind in the beginning of the walk was thinking if there was some way of paying the ransom of $1,000. a month that is held over my head I could be set free from this burden I am under.  I was thinking those who have absolutely nothing but them and God are truly the free ones, not those who are tied by financial bondage to this world.

I walked 5.7 km round trip before I got home, this brought back memories of my youth as I use to always go for long walks as a teenager to gather my thoughts after me and Mom had words. I use to walk almost 30 km round trip back then. I guess you can say I have always been a walker. I was just about home when one of my friends through Fb asked me what was wrong and I explained and at the end of our conversation I asked her to "Please then pray for me as my heart breaks anyway (in other words whether it should be or not it was still breaking) and only God can heal the brokenness in it") She told me that she would pray for the burden to be released.

I arrived home and my mom told me my dinner was in the fridge, I told her I wasn't hungry and I went strait to my room where I sit now. My son came a little later with two heated tuna melts and a bottle of Diet Coke. I told him I was not hungry and he proceeded to tell me it didn't matter if I was hungry my body needed the nourishment. Why do children use your own words against you later....

I let everyone know I was home now and proceeded to realize my post on the Churches Prayer page on Fb had a bit extra from what I had typed and in it I was reminded that I had not prayed this morning, so I prayed " Father forgive me! Father I come to you now, please fill me with your Holy Spirit and take charge of my thoughts, my spoken words and my actions, let your will be done in my life not thine, so that in all things the Glory and Praise may be yours. In Jesus Name Amen." My soul and heart are starting to return back to that place of peace under my Father in heavens arm.

Tomorrow at Church the team will be commissioned to go to Guatemala and we will be prayed over. I do ask for your prayer support and if you would like to be put on the email update list for when we are in Guatemala and/or the Prayer Warrior email list please send me your email and what list/lists you would like to be included on to iblong2the3in1@shaw.ca. I thank you for your support. Internet is limited where we are going so I most likely will not be able to write in my blog till I return. We leave Feb 24 and return March 8.

Please also pray for the families we leave at home, Thank you!

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