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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas and Bethlehem

It has been a while, as I find myself very busy trying to find our home under boxes. I forgot what was involved in moving and down sizing.

My mind this last week keeps on returning to Mary and Joseph as they reach Bethlehem and approach the Inn Keeper and I have to ask myself what would I do in the place of the Inn keeper or better yet when it comes to letting Jesus into my life do I let Him in or do I treat him like the Inn Keeper and place him in the stable where animals are kept until there is a need for them. I ask do we only go to Him when we are in need or do we allow Him into our lives as a welcomed guest?

The Story of Christmas Luke 1:26-2:21

Jesus has done so much in my life and it all started when I took a leap of faith not knowing where it would take me, by saying a prayer asking Jesus to come into my life and my heart, asking him to forgive the sinner I am and acknowledging that he was born of a virgin, to live a perfect life, to be crucified on a cross to die for my sins and rose again three days later holding the keys to death and Hades. I never knew what it would do to my life if anything with that prayer, but I can say I never regret praying it and the love Jesus has shown me since as he walks with me through everything I face, I would never give up. I encourage you to get to know Jesus and if you feel him knocking on the door to your heart and you have not yet opened the door through a prayer I encourage you to do so, the words you use are not as important as the heart that it is said with, as God knows your heart.

If you still aren't sure or would like a written prayer to say follow this link: Knowing God Personally 

I would like to take this time to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and may God touch you with the real reason for the season!!

Update Dec 23,2012 for Guatemala Missions Trip :  I am so excited as I watch God put the peaces together for me to go to Guatemala!! I have to thank all of you that have helped through your prayers and financial contributions. I have my passport now and $1,125.00 of the $1,800. has been raised already!! I appreciate your continued prayer over the team and I for God to continue to prepare the way and our hearts. Thank you!!

Letter for Guatemala Missions Trip

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