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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Journey of the House

Where to start? Well if you have been reading along with my over the last while you know what a burden our home had become since we went through 2009. We had to take on a second mortgage during that time just to survive, then refinance it again when I was fired from my job, before we found out I was suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from what we went through making our payments at the end $750. every two weeks falling on the day after each of my paydays and with my take home pay pay only being $843. not leaving us much as my gas to get to work for those two weeks to the next check was approx. $100. leaving us always short.

I know the only reason why we have made it to this point has been by the grace of God as by Miracle we always made it, not doing without our needs.

My last post about the house on here was when we had a very weird experience with a building inspector, as our house was sols with only the subject to an inspection. The inspector they hired was gauging our house to today's building codes and for a 30 yr old home that doesn't work in translation and we lost the sale. Our Realtor, Maureen Holtsbaum was as shocked as we were and hired an inspector herself and was told there was nothing wrong with our home, it was built to code for it's day.

Well the battle was on as we slowly came to the realization that there was something at work here beyond the normal. We had several viewings booked for a day after that the same day a house around the corner from us would decide to put up humungus pieces of card board that would state that three days prior they had been robbed, the signs were up for more than a week. We would have several viewings and everyone would love the house,showed well but nobody would buy it. I knew that we were facing spiritual warfare as nobody could understand the weird things happening. I started praying against the spiritual warfare and reached out continually to all for prayer. On Sept 22 a dear friend from my Pastorate posted under one of my status updates on FB that she would be praying for answers, that same day our Realtor gave us the news that the people we had the offer on the condo for with only the subject of the sale of our home would reduce our purchase price by $10,000, so that we could put our asking price down by the same amount. I feel this is the equivalent of a stranger walking up to you and handing you $10,000., they had no reason they had to but they did, what an answer and answer to prayer. We would have an offer on our home by the end of that weekend, subject to the sale of there home,which they had an offer they were just waiting for the subjects to be removed and that wouldn't even be a week and then the subject to the dreaded inspection, they were from out of town and not far from the people that made the first offer could they possibly get the same guy that did the first, but we knew what ever the answer God was in control.

Oct 2nd was the inspection, we would here nothing until the afternoon of the next day, felt like torture, as this was the day they had to remove the subjects. They would remove all the subjects and our home would be finally sold firmly. We would have a moving date of Oct 25, just over three weeks. We would have to throw all procrastination out.

I went to work early one day to help get a customers Rv ready for them on time, allowing me to get off early that day. I wouldn't realize that God had it planned, as I would need to go to the bank with my Mom to borrow the deposit for the new place. I was driving to meet my Mom at the bank, as our Realtor would drive her there. I was looking at the gas gauge not knowing how I was going to make it to work the next day.

When we were done at the bank my Mom handed me a plastic courier envelope and in it was two $50. gas cards for Esso. I can say that God's timing was so visible that day.

I have to say that these are more examples why I have no reservation or fear of walking in Faith with Jesus across Canada because I know if he has called me too it he will provide.

Father thank you for teaching me to trust your promises as your word is much alive today as it was in the past. Light my path father to walk in your will always. Thank you for the burning desire you have placed in my heart to walk with you in complete dependency as you are the almighty, sovereign over all things and it doesn't matter how big or how small you are in control and you promise to deliver us from all we face, we just need to trust in you and have patience in waiting for your timing, not ours. In Jesus Name Amen!

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